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Academy Course Features

Well Structured. Easy to Learn.

Self Paced

Learn at the pace you want. Take a break when you want and resume where you left off.

Responsive Design

Courses are optimised to play back on any device. Beautiful courses that you can take from any mobile device.

Optimized for Adult Learners

Adult learning theory used in all lessons. Get practical training for both on-the-job effectiveness and certification prep.

Available Courses

Your 3 step roadmap to a career as a Salesforce professional

Salesforce Step-by-Step System Administrator Training

Salesforce CRM: Become an indispensable business resource without a tech background or any coding


Aspiratech Training

Salesforce.com Data Migration With Ease

Mass data manipulation tools and techniques for Sys Admins


Aspiratech Training

Salesforce New User Training

Salesforce CRM: Turn curiosity into cash by learning what it is, what to do with it, and how to use it successfully.


Aspiratech Training