Salesforce Step-by-Step System Administrator Training

Salesforce CRM: Become an indispensable business resource without a tech background or any coding

Note: This course is continually being updated with re-recordings of older lectures and additions of new lectures. We are particularly in the process of replacing all lessons related to the old version of the Admin setup navigation.


In this course you will learn how to configure Salesforce(SFDC) to fulfill business needs, in preparation for well paying employment.

Aspiratech is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, and as such we design and implement the system for companies large and small, including non-profits. We are leading experts in the field, which you can see by simply Googling "Salesforce Training."

As part of every Salesforce implementation, we train both users and at least one internal System Administrator (Sys Admin). This training course has effectively trained hundreds of new Sys Admins to take on real world duties upon which their companies depend, and has helped many attain certification by providing a strong foundation upon which they could build.

Effective Instruction, Based on Adult Learning Theory, for Reliable Results

  • Using step by step instruction, clearly demonstrated and explained, including the “gotchas" that send the unsuspecting in circles, this course will teach you how to customize Salesforce to meet the job requirements of a System Administrator.
  • Practical hands-on exercises are included to make sure you know how to apply what you see to real world examples.
  • This course provides the training you need for the only type of true job security there is, the security of genuinely being the best at what you do.
  • Includes instructor support in discussion community and career guidance

You should plan on working on this course an hour a day for 4-6 weeks to effectively cover all the material. Going through the course a second time, simply watching the videos on the second pass, is also advised. Frequent exposure is key during the training period.

This course will help prepare you for the System Administrator certification track, unlike other Salesforce courses that purport to be "complete," but which in fact focus on the Developer track and leave out a large portion of what is needed for a Sys Admin. Developer is a track that will not lead to either Sys Admin positions or highly paid consulting positions, and is only appropriate for those who intend to go on to become apex coders. This course is intended for people who never want to have to configure an API or deal with writing code syntax.

That said, there is no substitute for getting the most recent Salesforce supplied study guide (webpage linked to within the course) to actually study for the exam itself, just as when you were in school you had to supplement in class learning with extra study for end of semester exams.

Here is an email we received from a student about using this course to get her Sys Admin certification:

"I wanted to let you know that I successfully passed my admin 201 certification. I am looking forward to write my 401 exam as well... I know that certification will help me in securing a job. I highly recommended your course to my friends. Only because of your course and watching it several times and practice it several times, I was able to grasp knowledge. Thank you very much. Best, Padma"

Starting salaries for employed consultants in the industry are typically $40-60/hr, depending on your region, and independent consultants who sign their own clients often make several times those amounts. If you have had an interest in expanding your career options by adding a practical technology proficiency to your skill set, Salesforce System Administration is where many non-technical people find their opportunity. For those who have no interest in embarking upon a technology specialist career path, the SFDC Sys Admin skill set is also greatly in demand and in short supply in many non-technical positions and will make you an indispensable part of any work team.

Note: It is expected that you will have access to an instance of SFDC you can experiment and practice in within this course. Salesforce provides a free Developer org at:

-- Note that you should use a personal email address as your username when signing up for a developer edition account, so that your work email address will remain available for your company instance username.

If your company does not have Salesforce yet, but is considering implementing it, get a free 30-day Trial org on the Salesforce website. You will then have the added benefit that work you do toward genuine goals during this course can be preserved for use by your company (unlike work saved in a developer org), possibly encouraging your employer to allow you to work on the course during your regular work day or even purchase the course for you.

Here are recent reviews from the previous version of this course:

    • Anurag Kamat

    Finding clear material online from a trusted source is next to impossible. I find this course as an invaluable resource to prepare for my admin 201 certification. Thank you so much!!

    • Shazad Khan

    This course is a great tool to explore SFDC through the hands of a systems admin. It provides you with detailed video tutorials about each topic and simplifies the understanding to a level of a baby learner. If you are trying to get certified then this will help you score at least 50-60% all by itself but not sufficient enough for a 100%. You will need to take some sample practice tests and spend some time hands on with SFDC to score high on the certification exam 201.

    • Dave Moffatt SF

    I'm only about a third of the way through this course, but I can tell you it's great. I have learned more in the few hours I've spent on the course, handouts, and quizzes than in weeks flailing around trying to find organized training resources for new Sys Admins of Salesforce elsewhere. The descriptions are quite specific, and even the very complicated and nuanced issues are fleshed out. The Security module, for instance, is so well organized and provides some great graphical tools to help you understand the hierarchy and use cases of security tools. So far, this is 5 stars for me. Caution though: course does assume a fair amount of familiarity with basic SF navigation and some experience with going through the Setup functions.

    • Michael Choke

    I was looking for a beginner's course on Salesforce administration and this course has been a great place to jump start my immersion into the Salesforce functionality. The instructions was concise and the coverage was comprehensive. I would recommend this course!

    • Lucky Lakki

    It is very useful course. As mentioned in the course description, this course works very well for non developers like me. It is an excellent course to start to learn/know about SALESFORCE. I would definitely recommend this course for non technical person.

    • Stacy Jones

    This is my first training course for Salesforce and the course layout makes it easy to follow/understand. I will definitely take more courses from AspiraTech in the near future.

    • Chris Keester

    As titled, this course does a very good job outlining and presenting the essential SFDC concepts that a beginning Admin will need. I look forward to additional courses by Aspiratech.

    • Yissochor Eisenberg

    This course is great fro beginners to get a feel and a launch-pad from which they get into more advanced Salesforce Administration. Highly recommended, after finishing this course you will be able to do simple System Admin tasks and have the knowledge and terminology to search and find answers for those that are beyond the scope of this course. Although you can always just open Salesforce and play around, there is a big advantage to learnin something properly especially a platform like Salesforce, where it's very important to know the 'best practice' to go about things, since otherwise you can end up making a big mess... Overall, greatly enjoyed and helped me gain a great understanding.

    • John Sheridan

    A good, comprehensive course for those wanting to get below the basic user level of SF. There are some drawbacks that could use reworking -the quiz questions are confusingly worded and tend to obfuscate each question's aim or intent, so you really have to read them two or three times, or even reword them to get at what it is they're asking. Other than that, definitely worth your time and $!

    • Paul

    Comprehensive course, easy to understand, appropriate length.

    • Priyanka Gupta

    Explained so well.Voice and Accent is very clear. Covered Major Topics to understand course well.It is Very helpful for ADM201 preparation and I already started solving questions for ADM201. Thank you Aspiratech for making this course.

    • Jennifer Jones

    I spent several months trying to teach myself more about Salesforce. I made progress here and there, lucked out by finding some other admins to learn from along the way, but these videos really helped launch me into a broader understanding of the system and efficiently spelled out the steps one by one to set up a large array of features that I find myself revisiting often as needed. GREAT course!

    • Abe Woods

    The instructor, and production quality is awesome. I am definitely achieving the knowledge that I need to learn.

    • Stephen Roman

    I'm happy with how this training was organized, and the fact the videos can be downloaded to my iPad for offline use.

    • Designation Karen Ciandella

    A great class. As a new salesforce administrator I often go back to a lesson for a refresher. Awesome that new lessons are added and the lessons are updated and current Just when I was looking for a more information on Visualforce, a new lesson appears. Thanks! Karen C

    • Shailesh

    The training was good and the trainer was great :)

    • Loknauth Persaud

    Course was well structured, topics were explained in detail. I would recommend this course to anyone who is new to Salesforce. It helps me build from what I have learn on the job, the instructor was excellent. Course navigation, quality was good.

    • Marc Schwartz

    I was not as experienced with Salesforce as I would have liked to have been. However, the course, though challenging, did an excellent job of teaching covering topics both essential and advanced. Well worth the cost of the course!

    • Dariusz C.

    If you know from the user perspective and want to enhance your knowledge of the back end then this course is for you,

    • Ellen Hendrix

    I started on Salesforce as a user a few months before taking this course. Not only has Salesforce Admin Essentials helped me learn the skills needed to customize Salesforce for our organization's needs, it's given me a deeper understanding of the platform's capabilities.

    • Peter Dupre

    For anyone wanting to understand how to be a SFDC administrator, this is the best and most cost effective way to get there.

    • Sugananth Thinagaran

    This has been the Best Salesforce Admin course I have come across and I am Still exploring it as I am a new user to Spring 15 , etc even though I have worked on the platform for 3 years. It is an excellent online Salesforce Admin course :-)

    • I K

    I've taken so many online courses for Salesforce by far this is the best I've came across. I would happily suggest it to anyone who is new to Salesforce or preparing to get into admin role.

    • George Titos

    The exam had more questions than this course covers but the course allowed me to get the big picture of all topics in general and combine them with me development experience. Also the Admin exam is pretty easy, requiring only 65% correct answers. So yes, this course with a little experience and common sense should be enough to pass the Admin exam.

    • Marci Rudolph

    Lots of great information! I felt like I was in a real classroom. The homework is a great way to make sure you understand the material.

    • Esteban Duenas

    Offers good pace and covers the requisite material. You'll definitely have a good grasp of SFDC admin basics as you journey thru the course. I knew nothing about SFDC Administration prior to this course. Now that I've completed I can say I am far more comfortable in the Administration environment. Unfortunately, the screens are not up to date so you have to find certain commands on your own. The biggest drawback is the DIY assignments can require knowledge that is more advanced than material covered. The instructor definitely wants you to work your way thru it. Perform the lessons only when you have enough time to experiment. these lessons cannot be rushed if you are a new user. Overall: Glad I took it. Well worth the $ I paid.

    • Jeremy Bannon

    Salesforce Beginner’s Complete Administrator Training course was the perfect starting place for getting ready for the Salesforce Admin 201 certification. The course is well designed and easy to follow. The course had the right mix of visual learning and reading. I am more of a visual learner and this mix was just right for me. Anyone with end user experience looking to make the jump to administrator, this is the right place to start.

    • Norman Capers

    This course is awesome! The material is very easy to follow, for an aspiring salesforce administrator. This is the perfect course for my level of understanding. The homework ideas are very helpful. They help to drive home the objectives of the lecture.

    • Basava S

    This course is structured well and the explanation is really good. the instructor starts with a PowerPoint presentation to make the learners under stand the basics of the topic and how it should be working and then moves to the real SFDC org and then shows us how to do it in the real time. Excellent work. I already learnt administration part from other trainer but still bought this course after watching the previews of the videos and I felt it well structured and explained. Now I am willing to learn development part of SFDC program. I wish this tutor has the APEX programming course as well.

    • Vikram Dhawan

    I was really happy with the course and it gave me the right starting knowledge along with a bit of googling online learning to be my company's go to person for salesforce. I am part admin and I have recently developed through visual force our company's professional services/ project management app. I really feel like this course has given me the tools to be able to go into salesforce consulting in a few more year....Thank you Aspiratech!

    • Srs

    Easy to understand and practical course.

    • Lorrie Rutledge

    Based on what I've learned thus far this course provides in-depth knowledge of Salesforce at a fraction of the cost of other top notch training courses.

    • Kishore Kumar Pamulapati

    Topics covered clearly, content is neat and updated periodically. Thank you.

    • Ray Stark
  • As a beginner in Salesforce trying to find materials to learn a comprehensive overview of the system is hard to find if you are looking for more than just long technical documents online. The organization of the course helped me gain a good frame work to understanding the Salesforce platform. I believe this course has given a good working knowledge to take my skills into the workplace and make a real impact!!

    Great organized topics. Almost covered all sections of ADM 201. Helped alot in certification exam.

    • Robert Field

    This is a great course for beginners and people wanting to update your credentials or knowledge base

    • Sarah Ponder

    The course was comprehensive and covered a variety of important topics in an easy to understand format. The supplemental materials are also extremely helpful.

    • Jason Bonenfant

    Well done. Thank you!

    • Lakesha Wells

    This step by step course is Amazing. It has definitely opened my eyes to the benefits and limitless possibilities of sales force.

    • Heather Capell

    This course was very well done, lots of exercises, quizzes, and reference documents to help introduce a topic and round out my understanding of how to configure and update SFDC.

    • Ruben Harris

    Huge shoutout to Aspiratech for this course. I was hired by a startup and seen as the 2nd most knowledgeable person in the company on Salesforce although my experience had only been on the user level. To that end, I paid for this course out of pocket to teach myself what I needed over the weekend. This course gave me a much deeper understanding of the System Administrator side and will serve as a reference as I establish Workflow Rules and Automation that I never knew existed without requiring an engineering team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Introduction to the Course
Securing a Practice Org
Database Terminology
Admin Setup Interface Navigation
Salesforce Admin Setup Interface Changes Over Time
Old Admin Setup Interface Navigation
Customizing User Interface Options
Setting Feature Usage: Homepage Layouts
Setting Feature Usage: Quotes & Tags
Setting Feature Usage: Chatter & Chat
Setting Feature Usage: Social Accounts & Contacts
Managing Users
New Lesson Winter 2016: the Lightning Experience set-up
The Environment
Homework Answers for Section 1
Overview of Security
Profiles and Permission Sets
System Access
Roles and Org-wide Defaults
Sharing Rules and Groups
Understanding Field Level Security
Security: Putting it All Together
Design a Security Solution
Creating Custom Fields
Special Fields: Lookup Fields
Special Fields: Rollup Summary Fields
Special Fields: Formula Fields
Special Fields: Picklists and Multi-select Picklists
Editing Picklists
Defining Picklist Dependencies
Sales Processes & Record Types
Customizing Page Layouts
Customizing Page Layout Related Lists
Changing Standard Field Labels
Customizing to Fit
Overview: Reports, List Views and Dashboards
Creating New Reports
Customizing Existing Reports
Scheduling Reports and Dashboards to Run
Creating Dashboards
Create a Report
Create a Dashboard
Understanding Different Types of Email Templates
Creating Letterhead
Creating HTML Email Templates
Mass Emailing
Creating Companywide Email Addresses
Chatter External Users and Groups
Setting up Content Deliveries
Understanding Communication
Workflow Rules
Validation Rules
Web-to-Lead Forms
Lead Assignment Rules
Auto-Response Rules
Everything an Admin needs to know about Visualforce on the Job
Presenting Your New Skills to Management
Where To Go From Here
Answers to all course quizzes - handout

What's included

  • 52 Video Lessons
  • 8 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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